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Post by Guest on Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:49 pm

Haylie Duff (@HaylieK on Twitter) has another TV movie set to come out this fall. The movie, A Nanny’s Secret, will air on Lifetime in September.

In A Nanny’s Secret, Haylie Duff stars as Claudia, a University student who is close to becoming a teacher. She has a bit of a difficult past, but much ahead of her: she has a great boyfriend, Drew, (Eric Johnson), and lives with a great family, where she’s nanny for their 7-year-old son Aiden Tyrrell (Alex Cardillo).

Claudia’s father passed away, leaving Claudia and her younger brother Carter (Dillon Casey) on their own. Carter lives a life of parties and drugs, and Claudia has had to bail him out of jail a few times. However, when Carter finds himself owing a drug dealer a lot of money, Claudia decides she can’t keep loaning him the cash. Carter and Claudia have a huge fight, and the following night there’s a home invasion at the Tyrrell home; a shooting results.

When the police arrive, Claudia tries to hide Carter’s issues and his knowledge of the house… but this comes back to haunt her. Convinced that Carter is innocent, she tries to uncover the real truth… and finds herself caught in a web of lies, greed and betrayal.



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