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Haylie In "Fear Island" Empty Haylie In "Fear Island"

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 04, 2009 1:10 pm

Haylie Duff stars in the thriller Fear Island, which was previously known as Deep Cove. The movie, which was filmed not far from my house in Vancouver, follows 5 students who visit a secluded island cabin for a wild weekend party.
After their party, the friends find the caretaker murdered and their boat - their way off the island - missing. Now stranded, they become the new targets of a killer out for revenge for something left behind from a previous visit. All of them become suspects… so, it’s up to each of them to reveal the secret of the island and their murderous stalker.
Haylie Duff stars in the movie as Jenna. Also co-starring in the film are Lucy Hale, Aaron Ashmore, Kyle Schmid, and Brenna O’Brien.
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