kellan lutz talks hilary duff (aka emmett- twilight)

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kellan lutz talks hilary duff (aka emmett- twilight) Empty kellan lutz talks hilary duff (aka emmett- twilight)

Post by Russh on Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:52 pm

You did some music videos with Hilary Duff back in the day.
I did, I did!

Do you keep in touch with her?

She's getting married soon!
I know I know, I?m heartbroken! And what?s funny is I didn?t even want to go on the audition for that. I have an amazing agent and he was like, ?Just go on it,? and I was like ?No, I?m not a good looking guy who?s going to book a Hilary Duff fragrance commercial.? But it?s one of those things where it?s like, I?m not that guy, I?m not like that stud in all those music videos who has the nice Rob Pattinson hair ? but I have dimples. But my agent convinced me to go and I got a call back and they ended up choosing me. And I really had a great great time doing it. Great experience.

Any well wishes you?d like to say to her?
You know what, she was such a sweetheart to work with. I don?t know her fianc?, he?s a hockey player. [I'm from] North Dakota, so I?m big on hockey. It?s one of those things, you meet somebody who?s really sweet in the industry and my sister was a huge fan of hers growing up. And I don?t know, it?s really cool to see it work. Marriage is very dear to my heart and I hope I get married and it lasts and all those things so by all means I wish you the best Hilary.

Source: OK! Magazine

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