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A Message from Amuse on; TCA, Elixir, Blog and More Empty A Message from Amuse on; TCA, Elixir, Blog and More

Post by Russh on Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:30 am

Elixir" promotions will start soon, Amuse Doesn't know if Hilary will attend the Teen Choice Awards. Hilary is currently busy planning her wedding, It is more than likely she will have a book tour. New features to the official site to come plus changes to her blog.

For the Teen Choice Awards we have been doing a lot of eBlast Newsletter reminders. I created a photo collage of all the great scenes that are available to all who visit hilaryduff.com:


on whether or not Hilary will attend

I honestly do not know. If she is attending I will see if we can promote online. Much thanks to you and all your friends for rallying the vote. Hilary and our entire team know how lucky we are to have such great fan support!

The next big event will be promotions for Hilary's new book Elixir due out in mid October. I imagine in the next few weeks that I will be getting details for book promotions and I will share those on the homepage and in the newsletters.

I have a new idea for the blog to make it fresh and fun for Hilary and her fans but will not share the info until I have it fully formulated. Also, in the next few months I will be looking in to a lot of new ideas for the site.

In the meantime hilary has been very busy prepping her for her wedding. That is why there hasn't been much news to post on the site, but she is very excited for her big day and thanks fans for all the support.

We miss all your great comments in the Fan Club! I am hoping that in the next 6 months I can introduce a new format that is even more inclusive. I used to think that all the 2.0 web formats were really cool but I dislike that they give the site visitor the opportunity to leave nasty comments and post spam. It kinda ruins it for the rest of the real fans such as yourself. Keep up the good work. Every now and then I see you have made some very nice posts on different forums.

Hope you are doing well and as always thanks for being a dedicated Hilary Duff fan!


Source: Hilaryfan posted by Josh.

A Message from Amuse on; TCA, Elixir, Blog and More Photocopy

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