Hilary and Mike buy a new home in Beverly Hills!

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Hilary and Mike buy a new home in Beverly Hills!

Post by Russh on Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:55 pm


"Recently engaged couple, Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie, forked over a reported $3, 850 million dollars (hey only a little more than what her engagement ring cost lol!) for an elegant Georgian Colonial mansion in Beverly Hills. The couple, who became engaged about 4 months ago, will be living in the same ?hood as Gwen Stefani and Celebrity Apprentice runner up, Holly Robinson Peete.

The 5 bedroom home has over 5,000 square feet of opulence including a grand staircase and marble floors in at least 1 of the 6 ? bathrooms. The home looks very tasteful and what a house for a 23 year old! Unlike, Miley, Lindsay and Britney, Hilary?s been able to avoid a lot of scandal and instead do a lot of marketing and working. The only sort-of scandal is when press quoted her at 21 saying she was a virgin, then later taking it back ? Duff says she was misquoted the first time. (So stupid anyway, who cares ? it?s her business.)

The Texas born beauty had said to press ?I?m a relationship person? which I guess is true as she?s about to be married at 23. Her husband to be, Mike Conrie, is a hockey player for the Canadian pro team, the Edmonton Oilers. (Good choice, Hilary. I love hockey players too.) Not one to go from Disney to films to music alone, Hilary has several merchandise lines of perfume and clothing including the catchy-named Stuff by Duff. Her next product line is a series of teen hardcover books in a deal with Simon and Schuster ? the first book is said to be named ?Elixir? and will most likely be out in the fall.

Anyway, she?s smart to put her money in prime Beverly Hills real estate!(I also like that she spends a lot of time helping charities involved in human rights and reducing poverty.) Good luck on the new home and the new hubby, Hilary!"


I want it!! Shocked


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